Saturday, 21 April 2018


NO ELECTED MAYOR – unnecessary expense for local tax payers

HOUSING  (huge number required due to uncontrolled immigration)

8,000 planned for Watford; 80,000 for Hertfordshire

Use Brown field sites (e.g. Riverwell); allow urban infill to limit ingress into Green land

Advocate compact Townhouse style.  No High Rise (unsightly, changes community)


CONTINUE TO RESIST HS2  (part of an original EU project to join its cities)

Disruption to Watford-Euston commuters for years

Extremely expensive; damaging Chilterns AOB and communities en-route; not needed.

No further support for Met Line extension – too costly for small number who benefit


Support 20mph speed limit in residential streets but avoid humps and chicanes

Press for more road maintenance  e.g. fixing potholes and broken up road edges

Work to introduce more metalled cycling paths and improve existing ones


Encourage lower usage – more insulation; double glazing etc

Campaign for Solar panels on all new buildings

Support Renewable energy supply : Tidal; Geothermal, Solar

Limit further wind turbines (unsightly);  [No Nuclear or Fracking]


Recommend improved design of LED street lamps with wider spread.

Investigate casual land use encampments and junk sites

Limit loud activities in Cassiobury Park ; No alcohol consumption in café

Support saving Public Houses and Churches (assets and focus for local community)

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