Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Local News Round Up: November 2015

Here are some juicy titbits that caught the eye of the UKIP Watford editorial team over the last month....

UKIP Watford On Local Radio

  • On 12th November Nick Lincoln, your May 2015 Parliamentary Candidate, made another appearance on Roberto Perrone's "Drive With Rob" BBC Three Counties radio show.
  • You can listen to this here (fast-forward to three hours, three minutes in to get to the segment)
  • During the show Nick had a tete-a-tete with an ex-Labour Government Minister, who needed telling that the Single Market and the EU are NOT one and the same. Is this ignorance widespread through the Establishment?

Watford MP Invites You To Adopt Syrians

  • No doubt Mr Harrington is planning to lead by example?

Croxley Rail Link Costs Spiral

  • Forget that the rationale behind the Croxley Rail Link project is weak. Fact is, this is going ahead and there is nothing that can stop it.
  • The only problem is that before any work has actually started on this escapade, costs are spiraling out of control. And the project is already five years behind schedule!
  • It's too easy to say "Told you so." But the fact is this is OUR money being spent so profligately. And we can guarantee that the same thing will happen when if HS2 gets underway. Only UKIP remains opposed to HS2, as it has done since day one.
  • Is anyone ever held to account over these disastrous infrastructure projects?

"Brexit Blog Bible": Nick Lincoln's Collection of Top Brexit Articles

  • Your Parliamentary Candidate in the May 2015 General Election, Nick has started collating some of the top blog articles around the EU, the Referendum and our leaving the EU.
  • "These are some of the best blog articles I have come across", said Nick. "I will add to this list as and when, so please do check back in to see what new information is there for you. We must go into the Referendum sure of our argument and ready to refute the falsehoods of the Europhiles."
  • Blogs are changing the way we communicate. They mean that influence and information is no longer in the hands of the media / Establishment. Have you checked out Nick's top blogs yet?

"Democracy Roadshows" Comes To God's County

  • The EU Referendum "Democracy Roadshows" tour came to Hertford on 4th November. For UKIP ("Leave") the two speakers were Patrick O'Flynn and Suzanne Evans. For the "Remain" camp were a couple of LibDems whose names we cannot recall.
  • At the end the audience of around 100 got the chance to vote as if the Referendum was being held tomorrow. The result: two people voted to "Remain"!
  • Of course, the real referendum will be a different story. Are you prepared to do your bit to help get the "Leave" message out there?

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Friday, 6 November 2015

UKIP Watford On The Radio - 12th November

Nick Lincoln will be on BBC Three Counties Radio, Thursday 12th November from 6pm

Nick, your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate in the May general election, will once again be
on Roberto "Paxman" Perrone's popular "Drive With Rob" weekday afternoon radio show.

Every Thursday Rob has a political phone-in from 6pm to 7pm. This week Nick will be one of three political guests taking part. If you can, please listen in, either on your tranny (95.5FM or 103.8FM) or online here. You will also be able to catch up with the episode online afterwards at a time of your choosing.

For those of you on Twitter, why not get involved online during the broadcast and Tweet your thoughts, comments, and questions (easy ones please!)

If you Tweet please reference @UKIPWatford, @drivewithrob and @BBC3CR.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Local News Round Up: October 2015

Here are some juicy titbits that caught the eye of the UKIP Watford editorial team over the last month....

Richard Harrington Unusually Quiet

  • Come on Richard, why the sudden silence?!

Another Traffic Cock Up

Grammar Schools Returning?

  • We are fortunate in Watford to have two excellent grammar schools. Other parts of the country are not so lucky. However that may be about to change.
  • Hot on the heels of the news of the first "new" grammar school in England for 50 years it seems like some enlightened folk in our neighbouring county of Bedfordshire are similarly minded.
  • Bringing back grammar schools is a long standing UKIP policy. Are we being copied yet again?

Watford MP: We Don't Make The Rules - The EU Does

  • Richard Harrington voted against scrapping the so-called "tampon tax", effectively saying there was no point in doing so as this tax was an EU law that Westminster could do nothing about.
  • Like his fellow Tory MPs in St Albans, Hertsmere and South-West Herts, our MP seems happy to lay down at the feet of the EU without a fight. One wonders what the point of them is.
  • UKIP pledged to scrap the "tampon tax" and has received widespread support for this. How many women think that tampons are "non-essential luxury items"??!!

Nick Lincoln asks: Is the CBI lying or just dumb?

  • Your Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 General Election took issue with a report from the CBI which seemed to think that the EU and the Single Market were one and the same.
  • Nick asked whether or not this was just an honest mistake. Read his article it and make up your own minds!
  • We know that the Establishment will use every trick of the tongue in the run up to the EU Referendum. Who knew they would start so early?!

UKIP Watford AGM: "...the best ever"

  • A good turnout on the 27th ensured that your branch's 2015 Annual General Meeting was unusually exciting. "I've been to many AGMs but never one quite like this," said re-elected Chairman Jon Goddard. "If I had my way we would hold these at least once a year."
  • In addition to Jon returning as Chairman, David Bennett (Treasurer) and Dan Channing (Secretary) were also re-elected in their roles for another 12 months, as was the Vice-Chair. None were available for comment, which is probably for the best.
  • There are further openings available on the committee for certain appointed roles. If you want to get involved with UKIP locally why not get in touch?

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Monday, 28 September 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting

Members only: your chance to shape and quiz the leadership of UKIP Watford

Note: this piece has been written by UKIP Watford Chairman Jon Goddard 

As a valued member of UKIP Watford, you are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, October 27 at 7.30pm. This event will be held at the Watford Town & Country Club, Halsey House, Rosslyn Road, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 0JX.

This meeting is being convened to provide you with an update on branch activity from the committee,
a chance to meet with fellow UKIP Watford members, and to vote in the annual elections for
Watford Town & Country Club
Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

If you would like to put your name forward as a candidate for any of these positions, please contact me. In order to be able to stand for any of these posts it is a requirement that a candidate has a seconder. If your seconder cannot be present at the meeting, a signed and dated written note will be required in advance or produced on the night to confirm the support.

All those standing will be entitled to a five-minute address to the Membership.

On behalf of the UKIP Watford committee we look forward to seeing as many members as possible taking part in this important procedural event.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Democracy Roadshows Underway!

Your chance to come and listen to both sides of the "Leave / Remain" debate

Between now and December there are nine "Democracy Debates" taking place in our region. The topic is the mooted EU Referendum and the debates will see two "Leave" speakers pitted against two "Remain" ones. The speakers will be from various political parties; UKIP's representatives will include Patrick O'Flynn, Suzanne Evans etc.
Hertford Corn Exchange

At the start of each debate the audience will be asked for their stance; at the end they will be asked again, which will help us to gauge whether the debates are changing people's minds (for good or bad!)

The full list of dates and venues is here; the closest venue to us is on 4th November at the Hertford Corn Exchange. The event is free of charge but you still need to book to confirm your place. This must be done here.

It would be good to have a healthy contingent from UKIP Watford there to bolster our speakers. Please get in touch if you need a lift or - even better - you are prepared to offer one!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

One Little Victory!

In Thursday's General Election the UKIP vote share in Watford increased five-fold

Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

Yes, it has been a bruising General Election. But it is important that we bear in mind the enormous strides made by the party locally and nationally, namely:

  • In 2010 UKIP got barely 2% of the vote in Watford. On Thursday we got 10%. That is a five-fold increase. It is an incredible achievement

  • Across the country our share of the vote was 13%. That is nearly three times the SNP vote share. Of course, because of our voting system, we got 1 MP and the SNP got over 50.
  • _21102851
    Remember, in Watford there were no easy votes for UKIP. Every voter in Watford knew their vote mattered.

    Right up until the declaration this town was thought a marginal seat, that the eventual winner would do so with a tiny majority.

    In other constituencies people could vote UKIP as a protest, knowing the favourite would get in anyway. That was NOT the case in Watford, which is why our five-fold increase in vote share is so impressive.

    Finally remember that the UKIP Watford branch runs on a hardy team of activists, who punch well above their weight.

    I could go on about the disparity between our party's funding and that of the legacy parties. Suffice to say that on one day alone in this campaign the LibDems got one donation from one person that was over ten times the entire campaign budget that we had. And of course we do not have big business or the Trade Unions backing us either!

    I hope that puts things into perspective. Be proud of what we achieved on Thursday. I certainly am. We may not have won - but I think in Watford we may just have won the first battle of the 2020 General Election. It is one little victory but it is an important one.

    Onwards and upwards. And - sincerely - my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you.

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    Tuesday, 5 May 2015

    Don't Get Mad - Get Even!

    After all the insults and slurs, lies and half-truths, Thursday is YOUR day!

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    Thursday is your chance to show the failed legacy parties that:
    • Actually, yes, your vote in Watford does matter. How dare they say your vote is wasted if you vote UKIP. Sheer arrogance - again
    • You want change. Real, positive change for this great country.
    • We have seen through the slurs and lies. The more you hit us, the stronger we become.
    • Every vote is precious. Our forebears died so we could enjoy this privilege. Do not take it for granted.
    • Win or lose, you understand that in Watford our % vote share is the key issue. In a hung parliament, vote share will matter. Hence your vote for UKIP matters. And it really does in Watford.
    20150502_152304-01 (1)I've greatly enjoyed the last few weeks. Whatever the result on Friday morning (probably around 6am for the insomniacs!) I want to thank everyone who has helped us thus far. Your support on the doorstep, at hustings or on social media is invaluable.

    Don't get mad. Get even. Vote with your head AND your heart. Vote UKIP.

    Roll on Friday morning!

    Saturday, 25 April 2015

    A Busy Week - And A Busier One To Come!

    Well, the campaign is heating up. TV appearances, radio recordings and seemingly endless hustings!

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    In my last blog I wrote about what and when the hustings are. We had two this week, one at West Herts Campus on Tuesday and then a big one on Thursday at Beechen Grove Baptist Church.
    2015-04-23 20.02.51
    A rapt audience waits for Nick's pearls of wisdom

    The former was MC'd by BBC Three Counties Radio presenter Roberto Perrone. The event was recorded and you can listen to it here (it starts at 3 hours, 4 mins into the show).

    The second event had over 200 people at it. We even had the blessing of a report on it on page two of the FT!

    Last Saturday I was interviewed live on BBC News at The Parade, by the pond and the infamous bridge! Sadly I cannot find this anywhere on the web but - by all accounts - I handled my two minutes of fame well.

    What's coming up next?

    Well, here's a short video outlining the remaining hustings events for the week starting Monday 27th April. Enjoy!


    Thursday, 16 April 2015

    What Are "Hustings"?

    What Are "Hustings", When Are They and Why They Matter for UKIP in Watford

    "The aim of holding hustings events is to provide voters with an opportunity to hear the views of candidates or parties standing for election. Therefore, they should be open and transparent."

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    In essence, hustings give you the chance to both listen to and then question those people who want your vote. Typically they are held in the evening, last about an hour and a half and can get heated.

    This is especially so in Watford, as we have what seems like a record number of hustings coming up. By the end of these I am pretty sure that all candidates will be sick of the sight (and sound) of each other.

    Nick wows an audience with his oratory skills
    Typically hustings are open to the general public. You do not need to be political or be part of a political party to attend. So - if you like what UKIP stands for - please consider coming to one or more of the forthcoming hustings events.

    You may ask "Why should I bother?"

    Well, aside from giving me the moral support I cravenly need (!), the audience at these events is normally dominated by people supporting the incumbent, failed legacy parties. If we can have a decent proportion of UKIP supporters in the audience it changes the dynamic.

    It means the other candidates have to answer questions they would rather avoid. It means the local media (who attend these events) will report if a particular hustings had a strong UKIP presence.

    Likewise, the media will take note if it is felt that their was a palpable lack of support for UKIP at the event. So please do try and come to as many of these as you can. Between now and 7th May I reckon I have five hustings events. They are all listed in my diary here.

    In The Next Seven Days

    Next Tuesday (21st April) I have a hustings organised by the Federation of Small Business (FSB). If you run a small business why not come and hear what your potential next MP is going to do to let your business flourish. This event is at West Herts College, doors open at around 7.30pm and the event starts at 8pm.

    Then, on Thursday (23rd April), Christians Across Watford are hosting a hustings at Beechen Grove Baptist Church. Again, doors open around 7.30pm and it starts at 8pm.

    This time next week I will post details of the remaining hustings events. I really, really hope to see you at some or all of these. Thanks!