Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Busy Week - And A Busier One To Come!

Well, the campaign is heating up. TV appearances, radio recordings and seemingly endless hustings!

Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

In my last blog I wrote about what and when the hustings are. We had two this week, one at West Herts Campus on Tuesday and then a big one on Thursday at Beechen Grove Baptist Church.
2015-04-23 20.02.51
A rapt audience waits for Nick's pearls of wisdom

The former was MC'd by BBC Three Counties Radio presenter Roberto Perrone. The event was recorded and you can listen to it here (it starts at 3 hours, 4 mins into the show).

The second event had over 200 people at it. We even had the blessing of a report on it on page two of the FT!

Last Saturday I was interviewed live on BBC News at The Parade, by the pond and the infamous bridge! Sadly I cannot find this anywhere on the web but - by all accounts - I handled my two minutes of fame well.

What's coming up next?

Well, here's a short video outlining the remaining hustings events for the week starting Monday 27th April. Enjoy!


Thursday, 16 April 2015

What Are "Hustings"?

What Are "Hustings", When Are They and Why They Matter for UKIP in Watford

"The aim of holding hustings events is to provide voters with an opportunity to hear the views of candidates or parties standing for election. Therefore, they should be open and transparent."

Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

In essence, hustings give you the chance to both listen to and then question those people who want your vote. Typically they are held in the evening, last about an hour and a half and can get heated.

This is especially so in Watford, as we have what seems like a record number of hustings coming up. By the end of these I am pretty sure that all candidates will be sick of the sight (and sound) of each other.

Nick wows an audience with his oratory skills
Typically hustings are open to the general public. You do not need to be political or be part of a political party to attend. So - if you like what UKIP stands for - please consider coming to one or more of the forthcoming hustings events.

You may ask "Why should I bother?"

Well, aside from giving me the moral support I cravenly need (!), the audience at these events is normally dominated by people supporting the incumbent, failed legacy parties. If we can have a decent proportion of UKIP supporters in the audience it changes the dynamic.

It means the other candidates have to answer questions they would rather avoid. It means the local media (who attend these events) will report if a particular hustings had a strong UKIP presence.

Likewise, the media will take note if it is felt that their was a palpable lack of support for UKIP at the event. So please do try and come to as many of these as you can. Between now and 7th May I reckon I have five hustings events. They are all listed in my diary here.

In The Next Seven Days

Next Tuesday (21st April) I have a hustings organised by the Federation of Small Business (FSB). If you run a small business why not come and hear what your potential next MP is going to do to let your business flourish. This event is at West Herts College, doors open at around 7.30pm and the event starts at 8pm.

Then, on Thursday (23rd April), Christians Across Watford are hosting a hustings at Beechen Grove Baptist Church. Again, doors open around 7.30pm and it starts at 8pm.

This time next week I will post details of the remaining hustings events. I really, really hope to see you at some or all of these. Thanks!