Saturday, 9 May 2015

One Little Victory!

In Thursday's General Election the UKIP vote share in Watford increased five-fold

Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

Yes, it has been a bruising General Election. But it is important that we bear in mind the enormous strides made by the party locally and nationally, namely:

  • In 2010 UKIP got barely 2% of the vote in Watford. On Thursday we got 10%. That is a five-fold increase. It is an incredible achievement

  • Across the country our share of the vote was 13%. That is nearly three times the SNP vote share. Of course, because of our voting system, we got 1 MP and the SNP got over 50.
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    Remember, in Watford there were no easy votes for UKIP. Every voter in Watford knew their vote mattered.

    Right up until the declaration this town was thought a marginal seat, that the eventual winner would do so with a tiny majority.

    In other constituencies people could vote UKIP as a protest, knowing the favourite would get in anyway. That was NOT the case in Watford, which is why our five-fold increase in vote share is so impressive.

    Finally remember that the UKIP Watford branch runs on a hardy team of activists, who punch well above their weight.

    I could go on about the disparity between our party's funding and that of the legacy parties. Suffice to say that on one day alone in this campaign the LibDems got one donation from one person that was over ten times the entire campaign budget that we had. And of course we do not have big business or the Trade Unions backing us either!

    I hope that puts things into perspective. Be proud of what we achieved on Thursday. I certainly am. We may not have won - but I think in Watford we may just have won the first battle of the 2020 General Election. It is one little victory but it is an important one.

    Onwards and upwards. And - sincerely - my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of you.

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    Tuesday, 5 May 2015

    Don't Get Mad - Get Even!

    After all the insults and slurs, lies and half-truths, Thursday is YOUR day!

    Note: this piece has been written by your UKIP Watford Parliamentary Candidate Nick Lincoln

    Thursday is your chance to show the failed legacy parties that:
    • Actually, yes, your vote in Watford does matter. How dare they say your vote is wasted if you vote UKIP. Sheer arrogance - again
    • You want change. Real, positive change for this great country.
    • We have seen through the slurs and lies. The more you hit us, the stronger we become.
    • Every vote is precious. Our forebears died so we could enjoy this privilege. Do not take it for granted.
    • Win or lose, you understand that in Watford our % vote share is the key issue. In a hung parliament, vote share will matter. Hence your vote for UKIP matters. And it really does in Watford.
    20150502_152304-01 (1)I've greatly enjoyed the last few weeks. Whatever the result on Friday morning (probably around 6am for the insomniacs!) I want to thank everyone who has helped us thus far. Your support on the doorstep, at hustings or on social media is invaluable.

    Don't get mad. Get even. Vote with your head AND your heart. Vote UKIP.

    Roll on Friday morning!