Sunday, 14 May 2017

Watford's Parliamentary Candidate - Ian Green

Watford UKIP are pleased to announce that Ian Green will be standing as our
Parliamentary Candidate in the General Election on June 8th.

Always active, Ian is a strong character who never tires of standing up and fighting to have this town, this country and its people treated with better respect. Forthright in his views, he will listen carefully to an argument and so often, cuts through absurdities using plain common sense to resolve debates.

He was at the forefront of the Leave campaign in Watford which delivered the most amazing result, confounding the pundits, and saw this town produce a majority voting Leave. He now wants to bring that energy and enthusiasm to bear on the many issues that have been so badly managed by the other parties, in particular, the disgraceful failures in the NHS, education, transport and energy.

Ian says,

"It's no use pretending otherwise. It's pretty obvious to all that UKIP has taken a backward step in its voter support since the referendum, but the result we achieved was such a huge, massive success that there was always going to be a reaction. We all knew it would take people some time to realise that we are very much more than just a 'leave-the-EU' party.

"Of course, it is a bit galling that the Conservatives have been making ground. Perhaps we should be flattered that after years of having them sniping at our policies and frankly, being rude about the millions of ordinary, decent people who supported and voted for us, that now they have promised to implement so many of our ideas. Mind you, what people must be wary of is that they may have changed their leader board, but at the core, they are still the same individuals who live outside the real world and have so badly let this country down in so many ways.

"Everyone knows that all governments need strong opposition to keep them honest, but Labour and the Liberal Democrats have shown themselves time and again to be self obsessed and out of touch with the views of ordinary people. It is not overstating the case to observe that UKIP have been the only true opposition in recent times, not in power, yet driving change from the side lines. Without our efforts constantly shining the torch of common sense into dark recesses recent governments preferred hidden, Britain would have stayed on the path of slow decline. The disastrous pro-EU, money wasting, alliance of Blair, Brown, Clegg and Cameron would have continued unchecked.

"I now fear that there's an enormous risk brewing that if Theresa May gets a huge majority, those same wealthy career politicians who so recently were lining their pockets with expenses will quickly revert to type and be right back on the gravy train.

"I can promise you that UKIP will not stand by and watch while the National Debt rises and the NHS crumbles. We will not rest while we have to witness the gross wastage of paying billions a year interest whilst funding foreign aid through money we borrow, much of which is dished into the coffers of the corrupt. Where are the resources for our children's education? Why is elderly care in crisis? Failures everywhere are still going on and only UKIP have shown the courage to fight back.

"We have been the political earthquake that has shaken the foundations of the establishment. Now we must win the next phase and ensure that a success is made of Brexit. Britain and its people have a golden opportunity to use our independence to propel us on a path of growth and prosperity for all. I believe that will only happen if the next government can still feel the force of UKIP  pushing at its back, driving them to do the job properly and fearing the consequences if they think they can fail the people again.

"On June 8th, we must have at least one strong opposition, and there is no question that there is only one party that is capable of that. Vote UKIP."

The job's not done. Vote for Ian Green on June 8th.