Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Local News Round Up: November 2015

Here are some juicy titbits that caught the eye of the UKIP Watford editorial team over the last month....

UKIP Watford On Local Radio

  • On 12th November Nick Lincoln, your May 2015 Parliamentary Candidate, made another appearance on Roberto Perrone's "Drive With Rob" BBC Three Counties radio show.
  • You can listen to this here (fast-forward to three hours, three minutes in to get to the segment)
  • During the show Nick had a tete-a-tete with an ex-Labour Government Minister, who needed telling that the Single Market and the EU are NOT one and the same. Is this ignorance widespread through the Establishment?

Watford MP Invites You To Adopt Syrians

  • No doubt Mr Harrington is planning to lead by example?

Croxley Rail Link Costs Spiral

  • Forget that the rationale behind the Croxley Rail Link project is weak. Fact is, this is going ahead and there is nothing that can stop it.
  • The only problem is that before any work has actually started on this escapade, costs are spiraling out of control. And the project is already five years behind schedule!
  • It's too easy to say "Told you so." But the fact is this is OUR money being spent so profligately. And we can guarantee that the same thing will happen when if HS2 gets underway. Only UKIP remains opposed to HS2, as it has done since day one.
  • Is anyone ever held to account over these disastrous infrastructure projects?

"Brexit Blog Bible": Nick Lincoln's Collection of Top Brexit Articles

  • Your Parliamentary Candidate in the May 2015 General Election, Nick has started collating some of the top blog articles around the EU, the Referendum and our leaving the EU.
  • "These are some of the best blog articles I have come across", said Nick. "I will add to this list as and when, so please do check back in to see what new information is there for you. We must go into the Referendum sure of our argument and ready to refute the falsehoods of the Europhiles."
  • Blogs are changing the way we communicate. They mean that influence and information is no longer in the hands of the media / Establishment. Have you checked out Nick's top blogs yet?

"Democracy Roadshows" Comes To God's County

  • The EU Referendum "Democracy Roadshows" tour came to Hertford on 4th November. For UKIP ("Leave") the two speakers were Patrick O'Flynn and Suzanne Evans. For the "Remain" camp were a couple of LibDems whose names we cannot recall.
  • At the end the audience of around 100 got the chance to vote as if the Referendum was being held tomorrow. The result: two people voted to "Remain"!
  • Of course, the real referendum will be a different story. Are you prepared to do your bit to help get the "Leave" message out there?

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