Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Democracy Roadshows Underway!

Your chance to come and listen to both sides of the "Leave / Remain" debate

Between now and December there are nine "Democracy Debates" taking place in our region. The topic is the mooted EU Referendum and the debates will see two "Leave" speakers pitted against two "Remain" ones. The speakers will be from various political parties; UKIP's representatives will include Patrick O'Flynn, Suzanne Evans etc.
Hertford Corn Exchange

At the start of each debate the audience will be asked for their stance; at the end they will be asked again, which will help us to gauge whether the debates are changing people's minds (for good or bad!)

The full list of dates and venues is here; the closest venue to us is on 4th November at the Hertford Corn Exchange. The event is free of charge but you still need to book to confirm your place. This must be done here.

It would be good to have a healthy contingent from UKIP Watford there to bolster our speakers. Please get in touch if you need a lift or - even better - you are prepared to offer one!


  1. Mind you, it is looking more and more likely that the Referendum won't happen before 2017. Perhaps a tad early for these kind of debates? Anyway, see you there on the 4th Nov!

    1. In fact, some informed commentators are adamant that the Referendum won't happen until October of 2017. That is a LONG way away.