Sunday, 22 April 2018

HS2 'Disaster Film’


A hard-hitting new film highlighting the families whose lives are being ruined by the ‘HS2 Disaster’ has been viewed by more than 100,000 people in its first week.

An accompanying petition calling on transport secretary Chris Grayling to cancel HS2 immediately and cut all of its funding has been signed by over 7,600 people.

And nearly a quarter of a million people have also connected with the campaign’s facebook page.

The campaign has been launched by West Midlands MEP Jill Seymour, who sits on the European Union’s transport committee.

She insists it is not too late to cancel the multi-billion pound ‘vanity project’, which has a budget spiralling out of control. “It will be our children – and their children – who will be paying this debt,” she said.

“When the £111 billion could be spent on our NHS, emergency services, new housing, and social services, why is the priority on a railway we don’t need?”

The six-minute ‘HS2 Disaster’ film reveals how it will wreck the lives of families across many parts of the country, from Middlesex through to Warwickshire, Staffordshire, and further north.

Crystal Ryall holds back tears in the film when she says: “How can you honestly tell people that their children and their parents are just going to be kicked out of the house they own?

“You’re not safe, because if the Government want it, they are going to take it, and that’s that. They should stop pouring all this money into something that’s never going to be any good to anybody.

“Pour it into the NHS, pour it into the police service and the fire stations they are closing down, or pour it into the existing railways. But don’t spend taxpayers’ money like this. It’s just stupid.”

Jim from Staffordshire says: “I haven’t a clue how the Government can say it is needed, when it is only going to affect a few people down the side of each line who can use it.

“If they put the money into the National Health Service instead of this railway, there will be more people in the next 20 years needing a hospital, than ever they will need a railway.”

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