Friday, 17 August 2018

Nice to see the Leave Means Leave Campaign is gaining speed..

Here is a recent article:

You may have seen our comment piece in today’s Daily Telegraph. We have had a busy August so far, fundraising and recruiting more stuff, so as to relaunch our Brexit campaign. 
None of us imagined that, more than two years on from the referendum, we would have to refight the battle for Brexit. We never dreamt that we would have to attack some desperate “Chequers” proposal from the Prime Minister, which led to the resignation of two of the most influential Brexit-supporting Cabinet ministers.

Let’s not mince our words. The Chequers plan is a con, a sell-out, carefully planned and cleverly worded. Brexit supporters are under no illusions about what is going on. Brexiteers are looking for action before it is too late.  

This will be a nationwide effort, not an intellectual exercise from air-conditioned offices in London. We are taking our campaign to the people. 

The next six months will determine the future direction of our country. Do we want to remain handcuffed to an outdated, protectionist bullying bureaucracy as a vassal state? Or do we want to be a bold, ambitious trading nation, retaking our rightful place on the global stage as a strong independent country, enjoying the significant economic benefits that flow from a proper Brexit?

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