Thursday, 24 May 2018

In a few weeks MPs will be asked to vote to over-rule the unelected Lords

In a few weeks time MPs will be voting on Brexit again on laws that are essential to make leaving the EU a reality.
The Liberal Democrats and their friends in the House of Lords have already tried to block Brexit and to make it harder to leave the EU. Now MPs will be asked to vote to over-rule the unelected Lords and support the Brexit deal we need.
Many MPs including those from constituencies that supported Leave in the referendum are saying they will vote to undermine Brexit.
  • They want Britain to stay in a customs union with the EU but that would mean giving control of our trade policy to Brussels. 
  • They also want us to remain in the single market which gives control of our borders and many of our laws back to Brussels. It would also mean continuing to pay billions into the EU budget every year.
The Liberal Democrats and other Remain supporting MPs know that by voting this way they could undermine Brexit and keep us under the EU’s control. We need to act now.

Change Britain have launched a campaign and have automated a way to send a letter to your MP. Please use this link to ensure your MP knows which way to vote on this issue:

Please send on this message to your friends and families far and wide..

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