Thursday, 12 May 2016

Putting The Facts Out There - Street by Street

Vote Leave has some superb literature: can you help get this out to the people of Watford?

One of the gripes I hear a lot about the forthcoming EU referendum is the lack of information on the subject. Without the facts behind our membership of the EU, it will be harder for people to make up their minds.

Thankfully, "Vote Leave" (the official organisation pushing for the UK to leave the EU) has excellent, concise leaflets outlining the positive reasons why we should do just that.

But these leaflets are no good to anybody if they just sit in their delivery boxes. Nor will they be of any use after 23rd June!!

We really, really need your help: if you could spare a little bit of your time it could make the difference as to whether we Leave or Remain after 23rd June 2016. If you could distribute leaflets to just the houses in your street (and ideally a couple of surrounding streets) that would be fantastic.

Please phone the Vote Leave co-ordinating team on 020 7617 7714 or email State your name, phone number and your address. We will get the leaflets to you!

Don't delay - let's make sure all voters in Watford have the facts to their fingertips!